I love creating great stories! Hi, my name is Ross J. Helton and I'm an editor, not a button pusher. My role in the film making process is to facilitate the movies' core thoughts and emotion to the viewers in the best way possible. I must take a bunch of raw material and wheedle it into something magical. I must understand human emotion and actions. I must search though massive amounts of data to find the perfect emotion for every moment. Every decision made will affect the next and I must understand and adapt to these reactions of my choices. The best editors are invisible editors. If you don't see the cuts and don't question the story decisions the editor is making good editorial choices.


These are the ideals that I apply to myself and my work. I am responsible for all of these tasks and take them very seriously but never loose track of enjoying the process. With these skills and my technical abilities I have had very good results. I am currently living and working in Los Angeles and am pursuing my dream to be a feature film editor.



Feature Films

2013 - "Hacked": Editor, (5D) (Post-Production)

2012 - "The Space Jockey Pursuit" : PA


Short Films

2013 - "Sprite Refreshing Films Contest" : Editor (RED One)

2013 - "The Fish": Editor, (16mm)

2013 - "Columbus" : Editor, DIT (F3 - Gemini 444)

2013 - "Watching" : Editor, DIT (RED One)

2013 - "Endless Forest" : Co-Editor, 3D Editor, 3D Post-Cordinator

2012 - "Werewolf" : Editor (16mm/5D M3)

2012 - "Colorful" : Editor, DIT (RED One)

2012 - “Special”: DIT  (RED One)

2012 - “Ace in the Hole”: Editor, DIT (RED One)

2012 - “Der Bote” : Editor, DIT (RED One)

2012 - “Nigtly Lives of Forgotten Objects” : Editor (5D)

2012 - "The Cucifaxe" : Editor (RED One)

2011 - "A Different Paradise" : Editor (7D)

2011 - "The Priest, The Thief, The Brother" : Editor (RED One)

2011 - "The Scornful Tide: Trash on Tybee" : Editor (T2I)

2011 - “Bagels and Lox”: Editor (5D)

2011 - "Tom's Diner" : Script Supervisor/Sound/Editor

2011 - "Feelin' Blue" : Sound/Editor

2010 - "Rewrite" : Assistant Producer/Script Supervisor/Editor

2010 - "Postage Paranoia" : Partially: Director, DP, Cam Op, Fully Edited





Culprit Creative


June 2013 - Present

Lead editor for commercial production company. Have created works for Gourmet Footwear, BeanSafe, and Boostcase.


Nuray Pictures

Post-Production Specialist, Media Manger

November 2011 – June 2013

A video archiving company that digitizes film and tape based classic TV shows and movies. Responsibilities: Facilitate the workflow process from tape or film all the way to the website where our clips are sold. Manage and maintain the web platform where we sell our clips. Manage and maintain digital libraries from San to LTO.


PGA Tour Entertainment

Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Tournament

CBS Sports/Golf Channel

2013 - Talent Cart

2012 - Talent Cart

2011 - Assist Camera/Cart


Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA in Film and Television